Choose Europe’ collaboration launches to promote economic success and sustainable growth in the region

United by shared values of collaboration, sustainability, human-centricity and quality of life, several major European cities have come together to attract foreign investment in the European Metropolitan Area.

Kaart van Europa met slogan: The New World is here

The ‘Choose Europe’ campaign is a culmination of the efforts of several Investment Promotion Agencies across Europe who have chosen to unite forces with the belief that shared success positively benefits the entire European region.

With the entire world tackling a diverse range of challenges, Choose Europe aims to position the European continent as an ideal location for international companies looking to achieve economic success and sustainable growth.

The network currently includes the metropolitan cities and regions of Amsterdam, Catalonia, Berlin, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Lyon, Munich, Paris, Riga, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw and Zurich.

Shared European values

On the collaboration, Director of Amsterdam International Business and founding member Peter de Kruijk says, “We differ in geographic features and operate in different sectors, but ultimately we have a lot in common. Working at a metropolitan or regional level, we have been entrusted with the task of attracting sustainable investments to our cities, stimulating innovation and creating new jobs. Ultimately, these investments should benefit our local communities. With Choose Europe we take our collaboration to a next level working together on shared values without compromising on social and environmental sustainability.”

‘Choose Europe’ launches in Helsinki on  September 29th, and marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration between the 14 cities, regions and metropolitan areas. Learn  more about the project and discover participating European Regions at