Consumer Goods

Amsterdam Airport City is a first-rate location for European headquarters of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), cosmetics, consumer electronics and household goods. It provides easy access to Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets covering 170 million consumers within a 500 kilometer radius. Amsterdam Airport City is home to approximately 90 companies from this sector, including Danone, Heineken, Asics, Cargill, L’Oréal, Coty, Samsung and B|S|H. In addition, in the wider Amsterdam Metropolitan Area around 900 Agri-/food companies can be found.   

Groceries at supermarket
Customers looking at a device in a shop for electronics

The Netherlands is a world leader in the agriculture and food industry. A hotspot for food innovation with strong public private partnerships, world class education institutes and cutting-edge research programs for agri-food research & development (e.g. Foodvalley, NIZO, TiFN). The Wageningen University is amongst the top 3 agriculture and food universities in the world. The country is the second largest agricultural exporter worldwide. Additionally, more than one third of European GDP is generated by The Netherlands, together with Germany and Belgium, according to Eurostat 2020.  

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